One streamlined platform for all users with more features that will skyrocket your social status with a push of a button.

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UrSlamChat Application
is a reliable and simple communication tool for Everyone

Allows users to send secured text, voice & video messages. Allows users to share and create encrypted business intelligence documents both business & personal.

Allows users to communicate freely anything and everything. Encompasses state of the art unique features and is a front runner in revolutionizing the way Africa communicates.

cost effective way to connect

with others


UrSlamChat Application is a communication tool for Everyone

UrSlamChat app is entirely free to use with no subscription fees to use and has all the features required to make the user experience enjoyable, thrilling and safe with new and improved ideas to create a space of continuous growth and innovation void of complacency. UrSlamChat app promises to take the user experience to new heights in a space where they spend most of their time.


Original features to set a trend

An original standalone service with a fresh take on messaging with dynamic features to showcase innovation as a dynamic force in the communication arena and firmly put UrSlamChat in direct competition with the likes of Whatsapp, Viber and Skype. One of kind features with a comprehensive business model Group Video Calling and Recording to keep us ahead of the pack….Think Trend Setting


Low cost

Due to the exorbitant data prices on the continent urSlamchat holds its own with free text and video calling and presents a plethora of innovative features for users. The cross-platform instant messaging and voice over IP application will allow the sending of text messages, voice calls, video calls, images, documents and other media

01 Encrypted Calling
02 Encrypted Messaging
03 Encrypted Sharing

Speak as you wish

UrSlamChat Calling makes it easier for you to talk to your friends and family, even if they're on another continent. Just like your messages, UrSlamChat calls are end-to-end encrypted so nobody can listen in even UrSlamChat.

Message as you wish

Your messages are all controlled by you and is 100% in your hands. That's why UrSlamChat doesn't store your messages on our servers once we deliver them, and end-to-end encryption means that UrSlamChat and third parties can't read them even if they wanted.

Share as you wish

Send photos and videos on UrslamChat at a blink of an eye. Capture moments instantly with the built in camera function so you don't miss that perfect moment. With UrSlamChat, photos and videos send quickly even if you're on a slow connection because you are making use of our compression algorithm that is standard throughout UrSlamChat.




The App will bring students and teachers together.



Strengthen your brand while increasing your reach in the market.



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