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What are the
Frequently Asked Questions?

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What is UrSlamChat?

Where can i download it and is it even free?

The time has come to shed some light on how to do any and everything that relates to the UrSlamChat App.

We at UrSlamChat fully understand that you might be too busy for life and want to just get straight into using UrSlamChat because you know in your heart this is the best App so without further unnecessary words lets tick off all the basics of getting yourself around this amazing App.

We aim high at being focused on helping others understand the App fully.

If any questions still go unanswered then please contact us and make your suggestion known
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What is UrSlamChat?

A messaging application that allows the sending of text messages,images, audio, video calls, and sharing of documents, user location and Friend Finder.

How much does it cost?

As free as air is.

Where can i download it?

The UrSlamChat App can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Play Store. You can also get it through the download of the APK from Amazon App Store, Getjar, Mobango, Apkplz, Android Apk, Apkfollow, F-droid.

How to register?

First download the App then install it onto your respective device then enter your mobile number upon which you will receive an OTP (one-time-pin) thenafter you enter this number your account will be registered and you will enter UrSlamChat.

How to manually add contacts

After the App is allowed to access your contacts then you go to the home page and click onto the top right. Then click onto the add contact button and follow the prompts.

How to create a group?

Click onto the button on the top right then click onto "New group".

how to change the background image?

Go to "Settings" then click onto "Chats". Proceed to "Wallpaper" then you can either use the "Default" or "Gallery". In "Gallery" you will be able to search an image from your device.

how to make a voice call?

Go to a chat. Once here then click onto the phone icon.

how to make a video call?

Go to a chat. Once here click onto the video icon.

how to record a voice call?

Once you have started the voice call click onto the red dot on the screen. This will begin the recording. To stop recording simply click onto the red dot again.

how to record a video call?

Once you have started the video call click onto the red dot on the screen. This will begin the recording. To stop recording simply click onto the red dot again.

how to update the app?

Go to the place where you downloaded the App and click update. If you downloaded the APK manually then you will have to go back there and download the latest APK and download again. Note when you add your phone number agaon your account will come up as normal.