For the future leaders of the world we have a separate version designed to integrate the social with education.

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We are combining
Education with Social Media

There is a growing concern among teachers, parents and society as the youth are being consumed by social networks but we have a way to make learning more fun and productive.

UrSlamChat will bring students and teachers together into one place where education will take place and the teacher student bond will be strengthened.

Bringing The Student

and Teacher Together


Multidisciplinary Approach

Through the combining of Social Media and Education this approach will help revolutionize the way we educate the youth.

Apart from the groups, noticeboard, mass messaging or educational games we have created a better way for things to get done.


Social Media & Education

Created to revolutionize the way we teach

01 The Setup
02 What would a teacher do now?
03 What would a student do now?

School Startup

How a school will go about setting up

Have a dedicated portal for the school with access only granted to those verified by the school to maintain security. Once the portal is made then the hierarchy of the school will be set out, e.g. Principle, Vice-Principle all the way to the head boy/girl of the school etc. The Principle will then set out to give permissions to various staff members to be in line with there role at the school, e.g. Head of I.T, Head of Maths etc.

The next step will be to create all the relevant groups, this will be to divide all the different sections of the school into grades/classes/teams etc. Once the groups are all created then the Principle will have a chance to get a group of students to customize the schools portal to match the branding/colours/logo’s of the school etc.

Upon this completion then the Teacher in charge of a group will be able to create an Excel spread sheet. Which will be uploaded onto the UrSlamChat App. This will then send out requests for the students and parents to accept and make there way to the App to be able to participate in the activities.


What a teacher would do

The teacher will be the Administrator of the group he/she has been assigned to according to there role at the school. Once the teacher is familiar with the App then he/she can update the noticeboard, set out homework, allow the pupils to know when tests/exams are, set out extra lessons, and much more.

There is a section on the teachers profile where he/she can look and monitor progress of students and there activities.


The Student

The app can be used in numerous ways for a student to further there education and stay on top of there social life. This is a place for a student to get notices about up coming spot tests or exams, interact with a group during a project or even send a message directly to there teacher for quick responses in those final hours leading up to an exam.

There are educational games that will enhance the way learning is done and keep the student thinking all the time.

What about absenteeism?

We will partner with the Education sector Each classroom will have a camera fitted for teachers to record the lesson

Teachers have the option to upload the lesson to the specific classes profile group which will be tailor-made to fit their specifications. and/or live stream through the App

No more Being Left Behind,

Keep Up to Date All The Time


Gateway to progress

Striving for success

In the group profile of a particular class the students will be able to interact with the teacher and each other about lessons- give inputs, ask questions and comment


Live Lessons

There is an option for a student during a live lesson to click a “Help” button and ONLY the teacher will be notified thus stopping the lesson so the query can be addressed.


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