Encourage brand and product discovery through an elegant, dynamic, message and video native shopping experience

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Bring your
Business to the front line

It is time to take your business beyond basic SMS and personally interact with your consumers while also driving them to make decisions in a safe and secure environment

UrSlamChat will help you bring together people from different communities and you will have control over how it all works through different tools pre made so the experience you want to give off comes to life.

Make a change for the better and step into the digital age where social media goes hand in hand with your businesses agenda helping to bring your brand to the front and center of a community of potential customers.

UrSlamChat Will increase your Virtual

Store's Footsteps


From big businesses to startups

When you think of creating or skyrocketing your online presence switch to one of UrSlamChat's possibilities


Enterprise Lite

New way for SME’s to excel

A package to take small and medium enterprises to new heights. FREE to use and provides a wide range of tools jam packed to create brand awareness and connect to consumers. This package offers a level of simplicity for those wanting to expose a product or service to multiple users


Business Pro

Platform to cater for large enterprises

UrSlamChat Business Pro Edition is your option once your business has grown to over 500 people. Offering a comprehensive platform powered by UrSlamChat and designed to address the needs of the corporate ecosystem.


Time to unpack our tool box and show the goods


A way to speak with future customers all at once

Interaction with consumers is fundamental to every business owner as their support gives the business life. Drive natural conversation between people in a 1-to-1 messaging format. Interaction with communities is a new way to bring people together. Think group chat—with unlimited people without losing control. UrSlamChat give you the platform to showcase your brand and your potential to give the consumer everything they need to buy your product and develop a relationship as this is the best way to keep both parties happy and satisfied.


Increase Sales

Full control of the who, what, where, when and how factors

UrSlamChat Lite will provide SME’s with the option to Broadcast a message to a group of clients with access to spot sales with vouchers that can be redeemed with future purchases. Why go through all the effort of all the old marketing tricks that take up your precious time when with UrSlamChat you can strategically use events and holidays to broadcast your message from a simple thank you to a generous shout out to your faithful customers.


Tailor made posts

Features for the enterprise lite version

SME’s will be able to send “Slam Hour” messages randomly to all clients with tailor made posts. Cause inspiration and discovery that drives engagement and transactions. Save on those flyers that tend to go unnoticed with rather opting for a 10 second clip of you getting straight to the point and straight to your customer.



Benefits of the pro package

01 Redefine Your Business
02 Reorganize Your Business

Internal Intranet Networks

A window to your Company Portal

Own logo for Internal Chat.
Securely Create and Share Documents.
Video Conference Facility to talk within company.
Broadcasting messages to staff instantly.
Conversation, Documents and Video Conferences can be uploaded and saved on Company Cloud
Integration with our customize ERP software

Internal Intranet Networks

Features for business pro version

Employee attendance, Travel Tracking, GPS, Biometric integration.
Video Conference Facility to communicate internally.
Employee Profile building proposal and hiring new talent.
Facial Recognition system for login to company ERP.
Document management System to organize and access all company records.

Your Branding

A Slam packed version allowing businesses to utilise ALL urSlamChat’s dynamic features. To flood the Portal with all your business’s branding.


Point customers to your business

The new Application will allow the business to pick and choose the design that works for their brand. Positioning business for the future to advertise and engage on a social platform.


Reinvent your business

This version is the ultimate weapon when taking on the huge task of correctly marketing and reaching out to future and current customers. In a blink of an eye UrSlamChat will transform the way customers see your business and you will be on the road to marketing success while saving huge amounts on the road to the top.





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